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The program that I offer here at the farm is all encompassing wether you are seeking to connect with horses on the ground or to get a solid riding foundation, I am here to help. This program is for people who are seeking a whole approach to horses, caring for them, learning to care for their equipment and environment, taking the time to hone in on correct, safe and intuitive skills on being with and handling the horses. This program takes the time it takes, its methodical and a slow approach. I cater each session to each individual client and there specific needs. We learn, we grow and enjoy.   This offering can be booked on a one time basis or part of the weekly program

Please contact for rates all sessions are private and 45 min to 1 hour.

 I am proud to offer Whole Hearted Equine sessions. I am an Equine Canada certified riding Instructor, I hold certification with the Professional association of Equine Facilitated Wellness, I am first aid certified and I am fully insured. 


Whole Hearted Equine Sessions

I am proud to offer Whole Hearted Equine sessions. This program is designed to cater to those with those that have no horse experience in mind. These session can also be helpful for the seasoned horse person to deepen their connection to their animal. Working with people of all ages to assist them in self-improvement, work on boundaries, and positive communication skills. Children and adults will learn to read social and emotional cues from horses. Working from the ground with horses this time at the farm can boost confidence, increase empathy, and increase horsemanship skills. I also focus on gaining knowledge about horse care, farm care, and proper, safe handling of horses. During our time together I am careful to not rush clients, I take time to pause and go the speed the client needs to go. Taking the time to become comfortable is important in gaining trust and confidence with yourself and with our equine friends. These sessions are both from the ground and on horseback  using traditional and natural horsemanship techniques. Riding is an aspect of this program, although it is not always the primary focus.

These session may include activities such as grooming, leading, nature walks, arena work, using our natural obstacle course, indoor sessions and more


Please note that I do not offer therapeutic riding. Students must be capable of mounting, dismounting and perform basic riding skills independently, for example be able to follow directions, posses enough coordination to ride and steer independently once taught. 


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