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I am happy to provide services through funding that you may receive from a program that you are a part of. I am currently accepting funding through Autism BC, I accept homeschooling funding.I am an approved provider through PIE ( partners in education) and Heritage christian school.I am also registered with kids sport.  I am happy to register with any other program that may make riding more accessible for you. 

  • If you are using funding you must have sessions booked or commit to a weekly spot for the duration of your funding. I will not accept payment unless sessions are booked. 

  • Funding will be billed at the begining of each month, if you know in advance that you will be away or not able to attend your lesson for any reason please let me know so that I can bill accordingly. If you miss a lesson or a lesson is cancelled due to unforseen circumstances it is your responsibility to try and book a make up lesson. Make ups must be schedulled within 30 days of the miss or the session is forfietied. 

  • Please note if you are client using funding there will be a $60.00 admin fee attached to every stretch of funding used.

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