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Equine facilitated Wellness encourages humans to learn and grow with the help of equines. 

Horses have a powerful role in healing and assisting people in feeling a deep sense of growth and devlopment in their lives. Horses are highly aware of their surroundings, they live in the present moment without the ability to ruminate about the past or worry about the future. They fully use all of their senses, including their ability to read the inner state of another. They are social and respond warmly to humans who are honest with their emotional state. Their attentiveness to the present state of a human has the capacity to be very profound giving clients a window into there own journey of mental health and wellness, through the bond of connection in the here and now.

I am deeply honoured to embodie EFW and its principlas into the progam I run here at the farm. I am fortuante to be surrounded by the richness of amazing landscape, towering cedars, fern filled forrest, and pasture. Being in this environment, along with the horses naturally invites one into a time for peace, self regulation and curiosity of the natural wonders that envelop us. Once grounded I emmerse EFW into the groundwork and riding sessions with clients. Sharing my knowledge and passion of correct and safe riding skills in combination with considering the horse in our riding and handling. 

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