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My name is Shannon Dakiniewich. I  am wife, mother, and lover of horses nestled here in the beautiful Comox Valley. I have loved horses as long as i can remember. My mother, and many other great mentors in my life, showed me from an early age that horses are not just for riding. They can be our friends and great teachers as well. From the value of hard work, to vulnerability, and how to trust another being completely; horses have taught me many lessons throughout my life. I have grown up in the horse world competing both at the local and provincial level. I was working student for many years and trained with well-known professionals in the industry. Growing up I was fortunate to try my hand at many different disciplines in the horse world hunter/jumper, western pleasure, vaulting, and finally dressage, the discipline that I still truly love today. 


As an Equine Canada instructor, I am passionate about developing a good foundation for people wanting to learn to ride. I focus on scaffolding, so that students understand the how and the why of the skills that we are learning. Client's confidence and safety are of upmost importance to me. As I coach I focus of the client's relationship with their equine, allowing it to take the time it takes to fully understand concepts without feeling the pressure to get there faster. Fun and client enjoyment is a huge priority for me while you are in a session. 


I am so excited to add the next piece of my puzzle in Equine Facilitated Wellness. I am now certified through The Professional Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness. I am grateful for my training sessions through Generation Farms located in Nanaimo, B.C.  This is such an exciting field and I am proud to be able to bring these new skills to my business. I believe that horses play a powerful role in teaching us how to live truly in the present moment, they do not shame or judge and welcome us to do the same. 


I am passionate about helping people to develop excellent horsemanship skills, positive communication skills, overcome fear, and learn healthy boundaries with horses and others. By welcoming clients into the amazing outdoor setting of a farm, breathing in the fresh mountain air, and grounding ourselves to the earth we can truly reconnect to nature and ourselves. 

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